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HTML Rename! 2.11

Tell HTML Rename! about the target system to which you are moving
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Tell HTML Rename! about the target system to which you are moving (CD-ROM, UNIX, etc.) and HTML Rename! will fix all of these cross-platform migration issues in one batch process. It fixes case sensitivity problems, removes invalid characters from file names and URLs, and converts filename extensions (e.g., *.jpeg -> *.jpg).
Main features:
-Targets DOS, Macintosh, UNIX, and other filesystems — including ISO 9660 (the most universal naming structure on the planet, used on CD-ROMs)
-Reports and (optionally) renames files whose names are invalid on the target filesystem
-Automatically or interactively generates valid filenames
-Automatically updates links in your HTML pages for renamed files
-Converts local links to relative or absolute URLs
-Forces URL links to be case consistent with filenames
-Automatically alters file extensions such as HTML, JPEG, MPEG, & PING for the DOS/Windows, Macintosh, or UNIX convention (and fixes the names in the HTML code simultaneously)
-Allows custom file extension conversion
-Reports missing and external links
-Reports and removes any "orphan" files that are not referenced in a Web site (great for finding stray graphics and old files no longer in use)
-Updates ASCII line ends for DOS/Windows, Macintosh, or UNIX format
-Works on a single directory or an entire directory tree
-Offers a clear, easy-to-follow, graphical wizard interface

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